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For ponds up to 1000 gallons! The world's most energy efficient pond heater! Thermo-Pond is a unique patented pond heater that keeps a hole through the ice in backyard ponds for just pennies a day. In fact, Thermo-Pond can save up to $30.00 a month in electricity VS. those high wattage stock tank style deicers! Just think, Thermo-Pond pays for itself in as little as 2 months. Thermo-Pond floats on top of the water and is thermostatically controlled to never get hot. Unlike some other heaters, Thermo-Pond will never burn a pond liner or plastic pond. It naturally allows the pond to ice over while maintaining a hole through the ice. Allowing that gas exchange can help keep a healthier environment during the winter months Thermo-Pond should be used in ponds that are deep enough to allow plenty of livable water under the iced portion of the pond. One year limited warranty.

World's most efficient and successful low-power pond de-ice
Low power consumption, 100 watts
Keeps a hole in the ice of backyard ponds for only pennies per day
Floats on water surface
Never becomes hot thanks to its thermostatic control
Safely use with any pond or pond liner
Friendly to fish-allows the release of toxic gases from under the ice
Cold weather tested in northern Wisconsin
One year limited warranty