Steel 20g hex netting 1" Mesh Vinyl Coated Black

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The deer fence steel hex web is perfect fence to keep deer and other animals at bay. Its real 20 ga. steel design keeps out deer and other small animals as it prevents chewing. The special hex twist design adds to the deer fence's overal strength, invisibility and longetvity. A special PVC coating allows for this fence to last for over 15 years. A must for protecting your garden or yard from deer and chewing animals.

Steel Hex Web Deer Fence

20 Ga. Steel w/ Class I Galvanization
PVC Coated Black
15+ Year Life Span

Black Steel Web Hexagrid 

1" Mesh 

Available Sizes:

1 x 150
2 x 150
3 x 150
4 x 150
5 x 150
6 x 150
7.5 x 100