Privacy Chesterfield CertaStucco™ Texture

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Privacy Traditional stucco styling in an economical easy-care design.

Chesterfield CertaStucco™ Texture Bufftech's innovative alternative to traditional stucco walls, CertaStucco won't crumble, peel, chip or crack due to settlement, or stain like traditional stucco. It eliminates the time-consuming, costly task of digging a foundation and finishing the wall. Heights: 4', 5' & 6' Picket Style: 7/8" x 7" Tongue & Groove

Colors available: Mission Ivory and Almond

Pricing starts a...

Chesterfield Fence Section with CertaStucco Texture..4 x 8-$170

High-quality raw materials 
When you purchase a Bufftech fence, you can be assured you’re getting a high-quality product that’s consistent from panel to panel, picket to picket. Bufftech vinyl fence is made with carefully selected ingredients designed to increase durability and long-term performance. Bufftech uses a high percentage of titanium dioxide, a critical additive that protects vinyl from potentially harmful UV rays, in all of its vinyl fence products. Lower-cost vinyl products often use less TiO2 because of the added expense. Without it, vinyl fence can become cracked and brittle due to weathering. 

Steel reinforced railings 
Bufftech vinyl fence products feature a steel reinforced bottom rail for a stronger, more rigid fence, which reduces the chances of sagging or bowing. 

Heavyweight pickets 
Bufftech’s heavyweight pickets provide superior impact strength and resist the warping and oil canning found in flat panel fence. 

Routed rails and fence posts 
Bufftech vinyl fence systems feature precision-routed rails for safe, secure picket attachment and easy assembly. Bufftech’s routed fence posts provide a secure connection that allows for thermal expansion season after season. 

Concealed fasteners 
All Bufftech vinyl fence systems feature concealed fasteners for a sleek, clean finish. Pickets are installed without unsightly brackets, screws or glue that can compromise the safety and security of the fence.