Ground Sleeve for 1 5/8" Posts - Galvanized

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Heavy wall ground sleeve for 1 5/8 round posts. Requires driving anvil / drive cap tool (shown inserted into the ground sleeve in the first photo) to properly drive into the ground without damaging the ends.

Using a digging bar or ground sleeve auger to pilot a hole into the ground first is also recommended.

Our ground sleeves are heavily galvanized for in-ground longevity to match the life of our fence posts. Ground sleeves spend the entirety of their useful life in the ground and need the highest level of protection against corrosion. We use G2600 galvanized stock which has a very high level of zinc.

They have a wide angled bottom opening for water to drain out with a post stop and 12" minimum reservoir. During cold weather months, this is important because water can turn to ice and expand. This will burst your sleeve and or move the post out of plumb.