Galvanized Bottom Ground Stakes

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Use these bottom stakes to secure the deer fencing system to the ground. Deer are creatures of habit and instinct and studies have shown that deer will crawl under a fence as opposed to jump in order to conserve their energy. It is recommended that one bottom stake be placed every five feet in order to secure the bottom row of mesh cells to the ground. In some cases you may find a gap between the ground and the deer fence. This gap should be filled with a cut piece of deer fence that can be hog ringed into that gap and then staked to the ground. Do not hook the stake to the bottom line of monofilament, but to the actual lower mesh cell for maximum effect.

Deer Fence Bottom Stakes Product Attributes

Class 1 Hot Dip Galvanization
12 in. Kinked Design
Sharp Ended Driver Spikes
Easy Grab J Hook Design