Elho Bird Garden-gry/pur

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Birdgarden g
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The Elho Birdgarden is a fun combination birdhouse and planter that will liven up any space where it is installed. The Birdgarden features double hull construction, which allows the birdhouse to slide in and out of the planter container for easy cleaning and maintenance. Each side of the planter allows plants of up to 6 inches in size. Available in White with Lime Green or Grey with Purple, the Birdgarden is a great addition to your deck, patio, or any outdoor space. Elho Birdgarden Designed by Birding Experts Combination Birdhouse and Planter Designed to Hang on Wall Easy to Install Fun and Easy to Maintain Comes in Very Attractive 1st Class Retail Packaging Elho Birdgarden's Unique Features Hole for House Sparrow, Blue and Great Tit. Double Hull Birdhouse for Easier Clean Out and Insulation 2 Compartments - Each Eeasily Fits 6" Plant Each Side Has a Built In Water Reservior with 1" High Overflow